Theresa Hudson: Blog en-us (C)2019 All Rights Reserved (Theresa Hudson) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:12:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:12:00 GMT Theresa Hudson: Blog 90 120 50th Anniversary It's always a special time during the holidays when family can come in town to help celebrate. This get together had so much more meaning than just celebrating Hanukkah but a 50th Wedding Anniversary. Mazel Tov!   JG-5 5x7JG-5 5x7

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Bryan & Julie Getting ready and preparing for wedding celebrations is always an exciting time for me. Not only does it help me get more acquainted with the soon to be bride and groom, but it's also is a time that helps the happy couple to learn to feel comfortable around a camera which is a great advantage come wedding day. This engagement shoot  was no exception. St. Louis can have some of the most unpredictable weather in the winter months so as luck would have it, we were blessed with an awesome sweater weather day in the middle of our winter months.

I am pleased to introduce to you- Bryan & Julie! Bryan & Julie

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Holiday Celebration  

Plaza Mercedes

The Auto Haus Holiday Event

2015Mercedes Just a couple weeks back I was invited to shoot Plaza Mercedes annual holiday party. Needless to say, I was very excited. I've shot several events for Plaza Motors in the past so I was already very familiar with their layout and such but I have yet to experience one of their big holiday celebrations.  Just walking in the door you could feel the celebration.  I don't think the weather could have been any better considering it was December and I don't really recall seeing anyone with a heavy coat. There was awesome food, fun chances of taking a "spin" to win some bling and side vendors for last minute gift giving. Watching the night unfold and seeing people dance, enjoy the evening and each others company was a great way to jump start my own holiday season. 


Vendors and Sponsors

Plaza Motors

Domaine-Serving Collectors Worldwide

Ruth's Chris Steak House

Saks Fifth Avenue

Kilian-Perfume As An Art

Vincent's Jewelers

Donald Keith Gill and Band

Theresa Hudson- Photography


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7 Series From BMW BMW launched their new 7 Series this month (just in time for Christmas if your needing a gift idea) and I was lucky enough to be there at Plaza Motors in Creve Coeur Missouri to cover the event. It's a beautiful automobile with many hints in it's detailing  from Rolls Royce. Luxury classic and sporty all I know is I'll take mine in the mineral white sports package.


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A virtual display comes to life One of the coolest things that I love to do for my clients is to show them how their portraits will actually look like within their own home. I think everyone has experienced the disappointment of buying something in the store, from furniture and lamps to yes art work for the walls and everything in between. Then getting that item home and realizing that it "Just doesn't fit right" syndrom. With my virtual displays, I aim to show you Before you buy how that canvas or wall arrangement will actually appear in your own personal space. My virtuals aren't a representation of some manufactured make believe room but instead made from Your Own Real Personal Space. Check out my quick video of my latest virtual and the final product and how it compared.  Come to Life

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Kyles Bar Mitzvah One of the most special days in a young boys life is the day they cross over into man hood which is celebrated at their Bar Mitzvah. Thank you for letting me capture this special day! Kyle Bar Mitzvah-1

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Norma This has been a very sad week for many that are close to me. Dear Aunt Norma, you truly will be missed. Your time here has touched countless lives, I know you have touched my heart and I appreciate everything you have said and done for me through the years. I'll miss your weekly visits at the salon your sweet smile, understanding eyes but mostly, most definitely your confidence. May you be in peace with God and joined together with your husband and sons and all the other dear family members that were taken just too soon. Love You!

norma The rain comes down

It covers the ground


by drop

 by drop


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Queen of Peace For somewhere in the ballpark of the last 10 years I've been attending/donating photo sessions for one of the fundraisers for the Queen of Peace Center here in St. Louis Missouri. This is actually my 2nd year running with them on also donating my photography skills to help capture the yearly fundraiser that Queen of Peace holds at Westport Plaza.

Queen of Peace is a family-centered behavioral healthcare provider for women with addiction, their children and families. If you would like to find out more, or donate to this worthy cause, please follow this link at  they not only accept monitary donations but homegoods as well as many other items that would be greatly appreciated.  

QP2014-36QP2014-36 QP2014-43QP2014-43 QP2014-85QP2014-85 QP2014-38QP2014-38 QP2014-6QP2014-6 QP2014-9QP2014-9 QP2014-1QP2014-1 QP2014-12QP2014-12 QP2014-15QP2014-15 QP2014-13QP2014-13 QP2014-23QP2014-23 QP2014-26QP2014-26 QP2014-28QP2014-28 QP2014-35QP2014-35 QP2014-44QP2014-44 QP2014-58QP2014-58 QP2014-56QP2014-56 QP2014-64QP2014-64 QP2014-78QP2014-78 QP2014-81QP2014-81

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Cory Senior Photos posterposter This past weekend I was able to go on a special photo shoot with one of my best friends and her son Cory for his senior photos! Not only we're we able to capture some wonderful shots with this handsome young man at a park but also, I was able to attend and photograph him for his 18th birthday present at a airport where he took off for an hour long flight! Cory was so excited  for he aspires to be a pilot after completing his schooling and joining one of the branches in the military! Thanks Cory! And thank you Sue and Mark for letting me take part in the beginning of your sons life journey :) Cory Plattenburg

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Totally not related to photography! This past whole week has been devoted to my husband and myself with staining our deck and accent pieces. Talk about exhausting work. I honestly don't know how people do this for a living and survive! Thankfully we are just about finished and are in the "cleaning" up stage, so I can get back to my photos. I've been trying to edit at night but can't keep my eye's open :( 

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Devon devon posterdevon poster Meet Devon! I had the pleasure of photographing this young man over the weekend for his senior photos. This guy is amazing to photograph as you can well see. I think he had as much fun posing as I did shooting! What a joy and what an awesome family to hang out with for the early evening. I can see great things in Devon's future and I'm sure his mom and dad are very proud of him!


-T devon

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Editing Day Well I just had one of the best weekends in a long time! Celebrated my highschool reunion on Saturday, finished up some major restoration photo work on Sunday and  then Sunday evening I had the pleasure of photographing a very handsome young man for his senior high school pictures. Will be posting samples of all with in the next few days. Until then, back to my wacom...take care all!



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Retouch Retouch Retouch Back to a early morning of retouching photos. This is an on going project for a client of mine that had a friend shoot her son's wedding. As always I take special precautions while working with other photographers photos ie. release forms and the like. Have to say I'm pretty happy with my end results. Here's a peak of just one I've done for them showing the before and after. Please take notice of the side shadows. KolmerSampleKolmerSample

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Meet the Carlsons Carlson Family This family portrait session started why back in November of last year. I was shooting the annual fundraiser event for Queen of Peace Center and had donated a 16x20 canvas portrait with photo session to their silent auction. Sharon (mom) held the lucky winning bid. While talking to Sharon I learned that one of her son's was away at school so it would be some time before we would be doing our shoot together. Just a few weeks ago, we set the date. The weather was PERFECT with the wind trying to tease us from time to time. Wandering around the park and seeing the young adults interact with each other, I couldn't help but see the similarities between my own family :). Needless to say, I don't think there was a camera shy person in the group and the fun they produced just made me love what I do even more! 



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That time of year 2014Judy (3 of 4)2014Judy (3 of 4) Every year I have the pleasure to photograph these too young men and their tail wagging companions at some new location around their home for their Hanukkah cards . It's really amazing to watch people grow not just in a physical way but in their maturity. These 2 guys have been very cooperative in having their portraits taken over the years and I really have to say that Baily and Shadow have been not only fun to capture but just fun watching their expressions. 



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Sabrina the Ballerina Sebrina (3 of 4)Sebrina (3 of 4) So I have to say that working with Sabrina  was one of the best times shooting that I've had in quite some time. She was such the sport getting up so early (I picked her up from her house at 6:30 am) Then we headed out to Bush Wildlife Conservation which is about a 25 minute drive from her home, and got to shooting. 

We pretty much had the lake all to ourselves. Considering the time of day and the abundance of lakes (think there's around 34) I knew we would be "left alone". I'm sure Sabrina was at ease knowing this. The weather was also cooperating. We had a slight mist and a cool feel in the air till we both got warmed up by moving around. Once the sun came out from the morning fog the highlights we're spectacular. I also incorporated some off camera flash

This photo shoot was a creative endeavor. I had and still have many ideas floating around in my head that I want to create with this particular photo shoot and I so appreciate the willingness of my young model as well as her mom and dad for letting me photograph her.

Sebrina (4 of 4)Sebrina (4 of 4)

Keep on dancing Sabrina!


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Outside with Ballerina I simply can't wait for tomorrow! I'm going to be shooting a young ballerina by a lake and am so hoping for some fog or mist to help "set" the mood. I've been wanting to photograph a dancer (young or old) for quite sometime and finally have the fortunate opportunity. I'm going to not only be eager for my photographs but for some creative composites that have been been running around in my head. Hope you all like what I'll be showing!


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Why Photography? I've been asked a few times now what  my fascination with photography is. To help clarify this answer for some, I'd like to start with the fact that though I love all art forms, photography is just the most convenient way for me to express what I see at this stage in my life. I love drawing and painting, but to have the ability to set up and leave my art supplies unattended and to later come back to can be quite daunting when you have young children around.  
Yes, I would love to have the perfect "art" studio. Infact if I could live in a hut and just have every art medium available at a whim would be a dream come true. But alas that's not in my current budget or current life. So with photography I can go out and capture a moment then pop that moment in my computer to edit to my hearts content and share the results with the world so to speak. And, I can do all this without having to worry about tiny little hands making their own art out of mine. :)
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A wonderful family I was so happy to be asked to  capture a long standing client of mine as her daughter's family came in town to visit this week. They were off on an adventure to the St. Louis Arch which all the kids were overly excited to see. With not a lot of extra time to spare with their visit, I was able to catch up with them on their family outing to capture the expanding family! The kids range in age from 5 to 9 and each are just loving rambunctious head to toe boys. What a fun busy family, I so enjoyed capturing some of their memories.


-Theresa fingerhut-19fingerhut-19

fingerhut-18fingerhut-18 fingerhut-21fingerhut-21

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Mindless Leaves Been looking to do more creative imagery lately. Who better to help me with my self challenges? None other than my husband Mike. He wasn't too thrilled to say the least to have his portrait taken since he was out working in the yard all day. But I assured him that his attire wasn't going to be an issue. I'm pretty happy with my trial run here. I'm looking forward to incorporating artistically this type of concept into my wedding and family portraits. Here's to the future! Mindless Leaves-1Mindless Leaves-1

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Jillian-10 Jillian-10Jillian-10


Thank you Neil, Natalie, Jillian and Sebrina for giving me my 1st opportunity to shoot a Bat Mitzvah! Thank you all So Much! Your a wonderful fun family!  I enjoyed everything, the service was excellent and your party was perfect. And Jillian I wish you the best of luck in the on going chapters of your life. 



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06.05.14 Had the pleasure of shooting my 1st Bat Mitzvah. What an exciting day filled with happiness and friendly people. Thank you so much Natalie, Neil and especially the young lady in honor Jillian for letting me document this family legacy for you all!

Jillian was the perfect young lady. She showed off not only her hebrew skills but growing talents with the flute. I was certainly impressed especially since I lack any musicial abilities. 

I encourage you to check out the album I've created for her at Jillian-33Jillian-33

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